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1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass S W31

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass S, Factory W31 "Forced Air Induction" with "Ram Rod" 350 V8, Factory 4spd, Complete numbers matching driveline. Do your homework on this one, only 913 W31 cars were produced in '69 and even less in a factory 4 speed. The only way to document these cars is with original paperwork and this car has original documentation galore, including the original dealer option sheet and original purchase order. These documents show the car was sold new at Mitchell Motors on May 2 1969. Now this excites me for two reasons, one is that Mitchell Motors is in my hometown of Atlanta, Ga., number two I grew up with Jono and Jimmy Mitchell the two sons of the owner John Sr. You wouldn't believe some of the 442s and Hurst cars these two used to drive to school as teenagers! The story goes on, the original owner went to Georgia Tech University, they were the "Yellowjackets", these are little black and yellow bees that thrive in the southern states, sort of like a small Bumble Bee. He ordered this car in Ebony Black with the Topez roof to match his favorite team! This would make this a one of one in this color combination. This car is in excellent original condition, very rare and drives like new!. Brand new Olds SSII mags, brand new BF Goodrich TAs. If you are an Oldsmobile guy into rare models here's one to own !!! Available Now!!!. Be quick!!!

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